ATEA Community 2012 ATEA Community

This fall from September 19 till November 8 ATEA throws a big community annual event and show called “ATEA Community 2012“.

Join the largest and best IT event! We give you a customized academic program, and a unique opportunity to meet the world’s leading manufacturers and technology providers. The Atea Community will be presented with the technology of tomorrow, and how we Atea and our partners are already using this.

We offer interesting lecture sessions with specialization opportunities in a variety of technological areas.

Excellent opportunities for networking with colleagues and other peers, as well as a special exhibition with the participation of a wide range of leading technology vendors.

Community group for the IT administrators / managers / directors, finance managers, IT professionals, technicians, special users, and others in your organization who is interested in getting a lot of input to work smarter.

I am presenting Microsoft messaging and collaborations systems, and the brand new Exchange 2013 particularly at the Communication Stand. Fill free to come with your questions, Exchange 2013 is a really hot thing! I guarantee you’ll for sure find a lot of interesting about this newest MS system. Velkommen alle til ATEA Community!

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