Exchange 2013 Guide: 8. Data Loss Prevention

Part II. Testing Data Loss Prevention Policies
In this guide, you’ll see how DLP features enhance protection of information commonly sent in email, including financial and personal data. Exchange 2013 Guide: 8. Data Loss Prevention

Exchange 2013 Guides series list:

  1. Using the Exchange Administration Center
  2. Deploying Site Mailboxes
  3. Creating an Exchange Certificate
  4. Deploying Exchange 2013 DAG: I. Creating a Database Availability Group
  5. Deploying Exchange 2013 DAG: II. Testing Database Availability Group Switchover and Failover
  6. Deploying Exchange 2013 DAG: III. Testing Client Access Load Balancing
  7. Exchange 2013 Guide: 7. Data Loss Prevention
  8. Exchange 2013 Guide: 8. Data Loss Prevention
  9. Exchange 2013 Guide: 9. In-Place eDiscovery and Hold

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