Fix: The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change

Tired to see “The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.”? And the administrator is You? 🙂

“Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange Server. A temporary mailbox exists, but might not have all of your previous data.”

-Here is a quick and sound fix for it:

This Outlook complaint message occurs when a mailbox is moved from a server to server or migrated from an Exchange of previous versions, and not taken a little care about afterwards.

1. Make sure the mailbox move or migration is finished and removed:




for completed ones

Leaving no completed move-requests in opened state is important! This is also true about migration batches:




for completed ones, EAC also shows these.

2. Restart the IIS services at the target server. A “soft” restart, “hard” one, or the recycling – should be done.

iisreset [/noforce]

alternatively you can recycle the related Exchange App pools – also helpful if you are up to it in the middle of a work day.

That’s it. Somehow, many administrators forget about these two steps after moving a mailbox, and slap their forehead when they are told it.
Now you know too 😉

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