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Don’t let your Exchange Hybrid to stop on April 15th

If you’re running Exchange 2013 and you’ve configured a hybrid deployment with Office 365, this post contains important information that might impact you. Please evaluate this information and take any necessary action before April 15, 2016.

On April 15 2016, the Office 365 TLS certificate will be renewed. This certificate is used by Office 365 to provide TLS encryption between Office 365 and external SMTP servers. The new certificate, which will help improve the security of mail sent to and from Office 365, will be issued by a new Certificate Authority and it will have a new Issuer and Subject.

This change has the potential to stop hybrid mailflow between Office 365 and your on-premises Exchange servers if one of the following conditions applies to you:

  • Your on-premises Exchange servers are running Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 8 (CU8) or lower.
  • You’ve upgraded the Exchange 2013 servers that handle hybrid mailflow to Exchange 2013 CU9 or higher. However, since upgrading to CU9, you HAVE NOT re-run the Hybrid Configuration wizard (either from the Exchange Admin Center or via the direct download link).

If one of the previous conditions applies to your organization, hybrid mailflow between Office 365 and your organization will stop working after April 15, 2016 unless you complete the steps below.

Note: This only affects hybrid mailflow. Regular mailflow and TLS encryption is NOT affected.

How to keep hybrid mail flowing (MUST be completed before 4/15/2016) Continue reading Don’t let your Exchange Hybrid to stop on April 15th

Exchange development, a view from 2 years ago

Two years ago Tony Redmond spoke with Perry Clarke, the development chief for Exchange (both on-premises and cloud) to discuss the current state of Exchange and how its technology was likely to evolve. We know how the influence of the cloud has affected the way that product development occurs and how quickly things now happen. Indeed it is interesting to look back on how Exchange has evolved in the period.

Clone Exchange 2013 SMTP Receive connectors

It’s a Microsoft’s best practice to run every Exchange server role on 2 servers at least. So when you deploy a new HubTransport, or HubTransport+Mailbox server – you face a task to duplicate SMTP receive connectors for printers, devices and other services like MSSQL, monitoring and reporting, etc. Medium to large organizations can use several such connectors with dozens of IP addresses and ranges, so copying it manually from server to server is an ungrateful burden.

Here is a nice and sharp method to clone such connectors with all its configuration en masse. God bless Powershell 🙂
UPDATE: A full PS1 script is available for download in the TechNet Scripts Gallery.

Just a few Exchange Management Shell one-liners, that you can copy and run in your environment: Continue reading Clone Exchange 2013 SMTP Receive connectors

Exchange 2013 CU10 Released

CU10 ready to roll! Exchange 2013 CU10 Released Exchange 2013 CU10 Released

As always – one can use these binaries to update their virtual lab installation, a production server, or install a new one. One of the most important points if this CU – is building compatibility to Exchange 2016 future releases.

Most draw-attention fixes and updates:

  • KB3093866 The number of search results can’t be more than 250 when you search email messages in Exchange Server 2013
  • KB3078438 Performance issues occur in an Exchange Server 2013 environment that’s running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5
  • KB3078404 Can’t access a shared mailbox after you migrate from Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013
  • KB3074823 No Send As audit events are logged when you use Send As permission in Exchange Server 2013
  • KB3071776 “A problem occurred” error when you access shared folders in Exchang Server 2013 mailbox by using Outlook Web App

and so forth in the KB3078678.
Download Exchange 2013 CU10 Continue reading Exchange 2013 CU10 Released

Fix: The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change

Tired to see “The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook.”? And the administrator is You? 🙂

“Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange Server. A temporary mailbox exists, but might not have all of your previous data.”

-Here is a quick and sound fix for it: Continue reading Fix: The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change

Fixing Exchange 2013 EdgeTransport “CouldNotConnect” error

Quite often this problem occurs to messaging administrators when deploying Exchange 2013 Edge Transport server role.
After creating a new EdgeSubscription you call for results with Start-EdgeSynchronization and get the following response:

[PS] C:\Start-EdgeSynchronization -Server mbx.domain.local -TargetServer -ForceFullSync
RunspaceId : 578a8a8c-002b-4bf4-86ff-f78c285d2944
Result : CouldNotConnect
Type : Configuration
Name : Edge
FailureDetails : The LDAP server is unavailable.
StartUTC : 4/23/2014 10:42:24 AM
EndUTC : 4/23/2014 10:42:24 AM
Added : 0
Deleted : 0
Updated : 0
Scanned : 0
TargetScanned : 0
 Continue reading Fixing Exchange 2013 EdgeTransport “CouldNotConnect” error 

Microsoft Ignite Debrief with the Exchange Experts

I found this is really interesting discussion with well-known stars –
Michael Van Horenbeeck, Tony Redmond and Jeff Guillet

• Highs & lows of Ignite as it pertains to Exchange Server
• Notable Exchange Server Announcements
• What you missed if you didn’t go, that you must know

Topics Discussed Includes: Continue reading Microsoft Ignite Debrief with the Exchange Experts