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Evening IT Club: show must go on #17

Hello everyone in 2015!
our Evening IT club keeps meeting every first or second Wednesday of month locally in our Atea office and via Skype/Lync.
I’d like to thank all of 26 members of the last meeting in December and would be glad to see you again at the upcoming Wednesday February 4, 2015 16:30.

New meeting topics are:

  • “Upgrading Exchange 2010 to 2013, tough (: experience” by Morten; and
  • “Migration from Google Apps to Exchange Online” by me, based on a recently completed project, and we think to continue with this topic at next meeting.

As always – we are glad to meet new members, feel free to request Lync meeting url/office address below (comments are hidden by default, but I surely see them).

Evening IT Club: last in 2014 #15

Hello club members,
This time we’d like to call the last Club meeting in this year at December 9, 2014 @ 16:30.

We plan to discuss “Microsoft Exchange and Lync secure publishing solutions” including Windows Server 2012 Web Application Proxy, Citrix NetScaler and others.

As always, we are glad to meet new and regular members, feel free to join us with Lync (comments are hidden by default, but I surely see them).

TechnoCamp 13 Riga

There is going to happen “ATEA TechnoCamp ’13 Riga” this March 7-9. ATEA TechnoCamp 13 Riga

TechnoCamp ’13 will focus on Best Practices in 11 areas. Skilled consultants from Atea in cooperation with our partners will design and deliver subject tracks. We have with us Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Vmware, Lenovo, EMC, Symantec, HP, Citrix and Astra. Several subjects will provide certification opportunities during the TechnoCamp. Continue reading TechnoCamp 13 Riga

New Office 365 Release Virtual Launch

At Wednesday February 27, 17:00 CET (8:00 am PST) and February 28, 2:00 AM CET (17:00 PST Feb 27) Microsoft throws the Virtual Launch Event to celebrate the availability of a major new release coming to Office 365 for businesses. - New Office 365 Release

Time converter at

If you are exploring cloud offerings, you do not want to miss this event. You’ll hear from Kurt DelBene, President of the Microsoft Office Division, about Microsoft’s vision for productivity, enterprise social and the cloud.

Microsoft will demo new features in enterprise social and show how they’ve transformed the full Office experience you know into an always up-to-date service. Finally, you’ll hear real world stories from our customers about their move to the cloud. MS is also going to answer questions via live chat as we go. Continue reading New Office 365 Release Virtual Launch

Office 365 Description

Here is a very clever and pretty fresh papers set, describing what can you have with Office 365. It literally may help one to get understand what can be and what cannot be done with Exchange Online or Lync Online for example. Office 365 Description
Office 365 is a suite of Internet-based services that are designed to help meet your needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability, and user productivity. This set of documents provides service descriptions for the components of the suite.

Microsoft Exchange Online for Enterprises Service Description – Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. It gives users rich and familiar access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks across PCs, the web, and mobile devices.

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving Service DescriptionContinue reading Office 365 Description

Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone

Сегодня на Международном мобильном конгрессе (Mobile World Congress 2010) глава компании Microsoft Стив Баллмер представил мобильную платформу следующего поколения – Windows Phone 7. С выпуском этой ОС Microsoft воплощает в жизнь новый и нестандартный подход к мобильному ПО. Его отличительными чертами становятся умный дизайн и интегрированные сервисы, упрощающие доступ к наиболее востребованной информации. Впервые в истории мобильных платформ Microsoft объединяет в телефоне игры Xbox LIVE, медиаплеер Zune и видеоприложения. Партнёры компании уже начали разрабатывать мобильные устройства специально для платформы Windows Phone 7.

«Сегодня мы с гордостью представляем миру мобильную платформу нового поколения – Windows Phone 7,” – заявил Стив Баллмер. – “Среди множества однообразных телефонов и мобильных устройств, представленных на глобальном рынке, наша разработка действительно будет выделяться. Windows Phone 7 станет тем поворотным моментом, который изменит представление о мобильном телефоне. Отныне это устройство станет незаменимым помощником в современной динамичной жизни». Continue reading Windows Phone 7