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Swing Migration from Lync 2010 to Skype for Business 2015

I found this guide for upgrading Microsoft Lync Server 2010 environment to Skype Server 2015 – very accurate and pretty explanatory for everyone who faces such a task in his job.

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In-Place upgrade from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2015
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Microsoft Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant

Microsoft announced the first public beta of the Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant is now available.

The Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant helps users troubleshoot and fix their account or profile related Outlook issues. The assistant performs a series of diagnostics tests to identify the root cause of issues, such as verifying users’ credentials, licenses, updates to Outlook clients, and whether Outlook servers are reachable. Depending on the test results, it can offer to automatically fix problems for users or provide instruction on recommended solutions. All the diagnostics results are saved in a log file for users to share with their Outlook admin or support engineers for further investigation. Each time you run Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant, it automatically gets updated to its latest version, so it can troubleshoot any new Outlook problems.
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Exchange Server 2016 Architecture flashes

There is a nice brief and superficial description of new Exchange 2016 architecture changes in comparison to Exchange 2013 by Ross Smith.
And his “Exchange Server Preferred Architecture” Ignite session follows right then.

This session reviews the preferred architecture for deploying Exchange Server. These principles apply to both Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2016 due later this year. Learn how the building block architecture is intended to be designed for your organization and the principles behind the recommendations. This session covers the new server architecture in detail. This session allows you to gain deep understanding of the Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 architecture and is a “must-attend” session to begin your own design.

Meetup: Exchange 2013 SP1 What’s New

As many of you probably already know – we regularly run Meetup meetings for all Microsoft Exchange and Lync enthusiasts. Meetup
I’m casting a speech at the upcoming March 25 Meetup for Exchange 2013 SP1 What’s New topic.
Besides sharing technical updates coming with this major Exchange 2013 update, I’m planning to share some implementing tips and practical approaches from current projects that I run.
You can post your question both here and at the Meetup page as well.
Welcome to join us.

Exchange Virtual Conference

The Exchange Virtual Conference is a free, online event featuring presentations by Exchange Server MVPs, beginning on May 27th.

Exchange Virtual Conference sessions will include:

  • What’s New in Exchange 2013: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Load Balancing Exchange Server 2010 and 2013
  • Exchange Server 2013 Site Mailboxes
  • Upgrading to Exchange Server 2013
  • Identity and Access Management in Office 365
  • Exchange Server Tips from the Trenches

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What’s New in Exchange 2013

Here we go – very interesting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 webcast about a new rich set of technologies, features, and services to the Exchange Server.

Exchange Server 2013 architecture has been re-engineered to reduce the total cost of ownership whether you deploy Exchange 2013 on-premises or provision your mailboxes in the cloud.

In this webcast, Scott Schnoll discusses the new architecture and functionality in Exchange Server 2013, that enable organizations to implement Office365 integration, as well as SharePoint and Lync cloud services, and provide more of high availability to the messaging infrastructure.

As far as I currently implement Office365 and Exchange On-premises infrastructure integration project for one of our customers – discussing the topic is very welcome!

Отказоустойчивость Exchange 2013

Новые механизмы отказоустойчивости серверов и организации нового Exchange 2013.
Отказоустойчивость хранилищ Exchange 2013, сайтов, улучшения в архитектуре Exchange, отложенное копирование баз, DAG.

Уровень: 300

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Виртуализация Exchange Server

В настоящее время множество инсталляций Exchange Server проводятся в виртулизованной среде. Это позволяет тщательнее загружать аппаратные ресурсы серверов, дает большую гибкость и стандартизацию развертывания серверных платформ. И Exchange Server, как один из важнейших серверов современных организаций тоже не исключение. Здесь рассказывается о “best practices” рекомендациях Microsoft по виртуализации систем почтового документооборота, о том, когда следует и не следует виртуализировать Exchange. А также разница между собственными механизмами отказоустойчивости Exchange Server и средствами обеспечения высокой доступности от виртуализации серверов.

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