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Fixing Exchange 2013 EdgeTransport “CouldNotConnect” error

Quite often this problem occurs to messaging administrators when deploying Exchange 2013 Edge Transport server role.
After creating a new EdgeSubscription you call for results with Start-EdgeSynchronization and get the following response:

[PS] C:\Start-EdgeSynchronization -Server mbx.domain.local -TargetServer edge.domain.com -ForceFullSync
RunspaceId : 578a8a8c-002b-4bf4-86ff-f78c285d2944
Result : CouldNotConnect
Type : Configuration
Name : Edge
FailureDetails : The LDAP server is unavailable.
StartUTC : 4/23/2014 10:42:24 AM
EndUTC : 4/23/2014 10:42:24 AM
Added : 0
Deleted : 0
Updated : 0
Scanned : 0
TargetScanned : 0
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Exchange 2013 Migration jumps & tags

Currently I’m involved in and generally lead a large-scale infrastructure upgrade project for one of our customers.
Not disclosing any particular names, I’ll bring in a pattern and tactics we implemented.
(However, our MeetUp co-participants, and also Wednesday Evening meetings friends already heard some technical details on the project, and we’re gonna discuss more of details next time. Anybody wishing to participate in those – You are welcome to join us.)

So the ground starting picture was following:

  • Windows 2003 AD Domain,
  • 3 Exchange 2010 SP1, two pairs of Mailbox databases/Public Folders databases instances.
  • 1 Exchange 2003 with a Public Folders database and a couple of system mailboxes.
  • Exchange 2010 was recently published with IIS ARR (together with Lync Server 2013 I’ve deployed there just before the last Christmas)

The goal was to perform the entire server infrastructure to Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013. This pretty basic-looking plan curtains a whole bunch of tiny works to do, while keeping the infrastructure up and running for daily operations.

The upgrade path I’ve designed and implemented was this:

  1. Since the Exchange 2003 is incompatible with 2013 in the same Organization – First, we had migrated all the Public Folders data, system mailboxes and RUS (Recipient Update Service) to Exchange 2010 servers. Remember to check mail-enabled Public Folders, often those lose their recipient attributes after being migrated from 2003 to 2010; regular remedy: Verify Alias, – mail-disable, – mail-enable again.
    MaximumExchange.ru Exchange Server 2003
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Exchange 2013 SP1 is available for download! Hurray!

Here it comes the Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 is available for downloads here.

The full list of What’s New is here.
Description KB Articles is: KB2926248

Welcome to Edge Transport 2013, compatibility with Windows Server 2012 R2, S/MIME support and many more hot features!
And as it became a good tradition already – you can use this installation package for new server deployments.