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Exchange Online

As far as currently I present a lot of free seminars about Office365 and Exchange Online – I found this factsheet extemely useful to get one acquainted with who is Exchange Online, which might be impemented:
– alone for your business, if you don’t want to carry all the burden of routine multiple services management,
– or together with your on-premises Exchange server(s), in order to implement backup strategy or a migration stage,
– or in the Office365 pack for both of first two options, accompanied with a number of business applications like Lync, MSOffice, Sharepoint, etc.

MaximumExchange.ru: Exchange Online
Security, Reliability & Control with Exchange Online

Whether it’s sending a proposal to a client, scheduling a meeting with the sales team or digging through your Inbox to track down an old message, email is the backbone of business communication. With ever-increasing volumes of email stressing users’ ability to organize and manage email and IT’s ability to protect and maintain it, there has never been a more important time to invest in business-class email that keeps your professional communications running smoothly.

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