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Update your Azure DirSync

On Monday, November 11, 2013, at approximately 5:00PM UTC, Microsoft identified an issue in which some customers that installed or upgraded to the most recent build of DirSync (version 1.0.6553.0002, released on November 5, 2013) may have encountered failures that caused their latest sync cycle to not complete.

MaximumExchange.ru: faulty Dirsync

This may have resulted in delays in updating the Windows Azure Active Directory data with on-premises changes. Other symptoms may have included receiving “Directory Sync Error Report” emails due to synchronizing objects encountering errors. Engineers successfully updated the DirSync build on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 7:00PM UTC.

A complete post-incident report will be available on the Service Health Dashboard within five business days. Please note: If you are encountering this issue, uninstall the latest installed build and install the build currently available through the Admin portal, or use the direct link: Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool 64 bit.

More links:

Updated Azure DirSync is this:
MaximumExchange.ru: fixed Dirsync

MaximumExchange.ru: fixed Dirsync

Office 365: quick slip into the management console

“How can I quickly logon to Exchange Online powershell?”

If your usual workday implies administering Office 365 organization, or even several ones, – I bet you were looking for automating administration routine procedures. So am I, consulting a number of customers with the Office 365 subscriptions each.

Despite the pretty good Office 365 Admin Portal, many more tasks require or could be done quicker and easier with Powershell. Let’s see what can we automate here:

At first: It’s a good idea to install Windows Azure Powershell module right to your admin workstation:
Prerequisites are:

Now you have a powershell module for Windows Azure Active Directory, which lets you to administer your Office 365 and Exchange Online. Continue reading Office 365: quick slip into the management console