Meetup: Exchange 2013 SP1 What’s New

March 24th, 2014 No comments

As many of you probably already know – we regularly run Meetup meetings for all Microsoft Exchange and Lync enthusiasts. Meetup
I’m casting a speech at the upcoming March 25 Meetup for Exchange 2013 SP1 What’s New topic.
Besides sharing technical updates coming with this major Exchange 2013 update, I’m planning to share some implementing tips and practical approaches from current projects that I run.
You can post your question both here and at the Meetup page as well.
Welcome to join us.

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Exchange 2013 SP1 is available for download! Hurray!

February 25th, 2014 No comments

Here it comes the Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 is available for downloads here.

The full list of What’s New is here.
Description KB Articles is: KB2926248

Welcome to Edge Transport 2013, compatibility with Windows Server 2012 R2, S/MIME support and many more hot features!
And as it became a good tradition already – you can use this installation package for new server deployments.

New Office365 Microsoft Certifications

December 30th, 2013 1 comment

Microsoft is getting ready to issue 2 exams and a new certification for Office 365 professionals, in addition to already existing certifications in this field.

There are 2 exams already exist:

And 2 new exams are to be issued at February 17, 2014 to provide Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: “MCSA Office 365” certification:

Skills being measured at the exam 70-346 are following: Provision Office 365, Plan and Implement Networking and Security in Office 365, Manage Cloud Identities, Implement and Manage Identities by Using DirSync, Implement and Manage Federated Identities for Single Sign-On (SSO), and Monitor and Troubleshoot Office 365 Availability and Usage.

The exam 70-347 also covers the following topics: Manage Clients and End-User Devices, Provision SharePoint Online Site Collections, and Plan for Exchange Online and Lync Online; which seem to be some easier questioning comparing to 346′s topics.

To prepare yourself for these examinations you may attend Microsoft Official Courses “20346A/B: Managing Office 365 Identities and Services” (5 Days) which are also to be available soon.

And issuing “MCSA Office 365″ as mid-level certification tells us that “MCSE Office 365″ is also a plausible future then.

God Jul folkens! Happy New Year!

Exchange Server 2013 SP1 is coming in early 2014

November 21st, 2013 2 comments

Microsoft Exchange Team has announced they are going to issue Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 early next year.

This SP1 is very much alike Exchange 2007 SP1, nature of features and systems to be added is quite the same – adding 2013 Edge Transport role, S/MIME support in OWA, newest Windows Server 2012 R2 support.
Highly notable improvements to be included in SP1:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Support – First answering one the most common questions since the release of Windows Server 2012 R2. SP1 will add Windows Server 2012 R2 as a supported operating system for Exchange Server 2013 with SP1. Let your planning begin.
  • S/MIME support for OWA – Support for S/MIME in OWA will be brought back in SP1. With SP1 customers will have S/MIME support across Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync clients, and OWA.
  • Edge Transport Server Role – The Edge Transport server role for Exchange Server 2013 will be available with SP1.
  • Fixes and Improvements – Of course, SP1 will include fixes and improvements in areas you’ve helped us identity. SP1 is the first service pack issued in the new Exchange Server cumulative update release model – thus SP1 is essentially CU4. The installation of SP1 will follow the same process as the prior Exchange 2013 CU releases. SP1 will include all fixes included in previously released cumulative updates for Exchange 2013.

SP1 will require customers to update their Active Directory schema – customers should assume this requirement for all Exchange Server 2013 updates. Plan for this required update to quickly take advantage SP1 updates. Active Directory Schema updates for Exchange are additive and always backwards compatible with previous releases and versions.

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Update your Azure DirSync

November 13th, 2013 No comments

On Monday, November 11, 2013, at approximately 5:00PM UTC, Microsoft identified an issue in which some customers that installed or upgraded to the most recent build of DirSync (version 1.0.6553.0002, released on November 5, 2013) may have encountered failures that caused their latest sync cycle to not complete. faulty Dirsync

This may have resulted in delays in updating the Windows Azure Active Directory data with on-premises changes. Other symptoms may have included receiving “Directory Sync Error Report” emails due to synchronizing objects encountering errors. Engineers successfully updated the DirSync build on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 7:00PM UTC.

A complete post-incident report will be available on the Service Health Dashboard within five business days. Please note: If you are encountering this issue, uninstall the latest installed build and install the build currently available through the Admin portal, or use the direct link: Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool 64 bit.

More links:

Updated Azure DirSync is this: fixed Dirsync fixed Dirsync

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PowerShell online builder for Office365

October 23rd, 2013 No comments

Hi all, check this awesome Microsoft PowerShell online builder for Office365!
It lets you easily and quickly construct cmdlets for your Office365 with full reference to available attributes and TechNet documentation.

Although you already can have a quick slip into your Office365 PowerShell environment – this builder allows you to check any changes possibility even faster! Just select-and-use PS verbs and attributes, copy and launch. You are good to go!

Currently PowerShell builder supports general Office365 and SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013/2010 Server and Foundation PowerShell cmdlets, we can’t wait to have the Exchange Online set ASAP!

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Good news everyone! Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer is online

October 1st, 2013 2 comments

Today MS Exchange Team announced issuing Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer available! Take into consideration – this works with Exchange 2013 Hybrid deployment (Another good reason to upgrade your Exchange 2010 Hybrid to 2013, right?!).

You can reach it from your Office 365 admin centerTools – “Check your on-premises Exchange Server with the Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer“.

In order to run the checks you’ll need to meet the requirements listed below. Your environment will be automatically verified if you are ready to run the checks when you download the tool.

This comes to be the 4th in line of diagnostics and management tools for Office365, along with OnRamp Autochecks (which runs checks to help determine the status of your on-premises or cloud configuration), Office 365 Connectivity Analyzer, and Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer for on-premises PC.
And for previous versions of Microsoft Exchange we can use a refreshed version of ExBPA.

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Office365 available as a donation to qualified non-profits!

September 15th, 2013 No comments

Choosing the right cloud solution increases your organization’s efficiency, saves on technology costs, and fosters your best collaboration.

Office 365 includes anywhere access to web-based versions of the Office tools you know, plus professional email, web conferencing, file sharing, and more. To get started now, just sign up for a trial. Meanwhile, we’ll verify your eligibility and once qualified, you can start using the service as a donation or upgrade for additional features.

Check out the scenarios below to see how Office 365 can help organizations like yours do more good.

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Office 365: quick slip into the management console

August 6th, 2013 No comments

“How can I quickly logon to Exchange Online powershell?”

If your usual workday implies administering Office 365 organization, or even several ones, – I bet you were looking for automating administration routine procedures. So am I, consulting a number of customers with the Office 365 subscriptions each.

Despite the pretty good Office 365 Admin Portal, many more tasks require or could be done quicker and easier with Powershell. Let’s see what can we automate here:

At first: It’s a good idea to install Windows Azure Powershell module right to your admin workstation:
Prerequisites are:

Now you have a powershell module for Windows Azure Active Directory, which lets you to administer your Office 365 and Exchange Online. Read more…

All Microsoft Exchange Server versions and builds

August 1st, 2013 12 comments
Product name Build number Date
Exchange Server 4.0 4.0.837 04/1996 KB158530
Exchange Server 4.0 (a) 4.0.993 08/1996
Exchange Server 4.0 SP1 4.0.838 05/1996
Exchange Server 4.0 SP2 4.0.993 08/1996
Exchange Server 4.0 SP3 4.0.994 11/1996
Exchange Server 4.0 SP4 4.0.995 04/1997
Exchange Server 4.0 SP5 4.0.996 05/1998

Read more…